Best beauty products from Poland! Polish cosmetics you need to check out :D #kosmetoturystyka

Hello, boys and girls!

Welcome to my blog devoted to smart skincare, curly hair and make-up. I have a small series going on in here: it’s called #kosmetoturystyka and I use it to give advice on awesome beauty products available only in certain countries. My newest idea is to let you guys know which cosmetics you should buy while visiting my home country: Poland! 

I decided to stick mostly to products that are available in drugstores everywhere but I have a LONG list of items from online stores and if I see this post getting any kind of traction I will surely publish a sequel (or possibly more because I have a huge soft spot for Polish products!).

What you need to know before you jump right in: I’m a huge fan of smart skin care, by which I understand reading deep into the INCI list of ingredients of each and every product I decide to buy and use. I tend to skew towards natural cosmetics but I most definitely don’t stick to it too tightly. I much more prefer ingredients that work best in spite of being synthetic instead of natural-enough-to-eat products that are just not up to my standards of effectiveness.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

There are three biggest drugstore chains in Poland. German stores named Rossmann are basically omnipresent with whopping 1264 shops (as of 2015). Much smaller but still pretty interesting chain called Drogerie Natura has roughly 285 shops and another chain called Hebe is pretty close with its 140 shops.

Each chain sells worldwide known brands (like Nivea or Maybelline) and countless amazing Polish products. On top of that each chain sells a few exclusive brands to which I would like to bring your attention today.

Brands to be found everywhere

And by everywhere I mean, like, everywhere. Usually not only all of the drugstores mentioned above but almost every supermarket or even kiosks if you find yourself wanting to by a hand cream on the go ;)

Sylveco / Biolaven / Vianek

These are three sister-brands that started small, in natural/organic shops and grew so big that nowadays you can find them even in bigger supermarkets (e.g. Auchan). I’ve tried dozens of their products and there is only one that I didn’t end up loving: all the rest simply stole my heart. And they have anything you might ever want to buy: products for face, body and hair. I just love them to bits! 


Their availability is even better than the one of Sylveco. Wide range of their products is in basically all drugstores but there’s plenty of them even in the cheapest Polish supermarket (Biedronka). Although they do contain a lot of amazing extracts (with Polish peat being their trademark ingredient) and generally have great formulas, they’re not strictly eco/bio/organic. I highly recommend their face washes, toners and micellar waters but they offer hair care and body care, too! And on top of that, a pretty interesting „for men” line :)


This brand has a pretty wide portfolio of very different products. They started with haircare line called Biovax and I can’t praise their hair masks enough! Shampoos, conditioners and serums are great but the masks are downright amazing.

Later on they launched more interesting products: fantastic sheet masks, great lash & brows serums, exfoliating socks and a few more. There are some products that I just „liked” but most of them I totally fell in love with. I hope that so will you ;)


This is one of the oldest and biggest cosmetic brands in Poland and I daresay that every Polish person has at least tried one of their products. They offer hundreds of cosmetics available (for peanuts!) from newsagent’s kiosks, through supermarkets, drugstores to Ziaja shops in the whole country.

Three legendary Ziaja cosmetic lines contain: goat milk, cocoa butter and olive oil. But that’s not all and I can’t think of any type of skincare product anyone might want to buy that wouldn’t be produced by Ziaja :D To be honest, their face care is not exactly my cup of tea (although the Ulga enzyme peeling is my must-have) but I do love their body care, especially cocoa- and coconut- butter based lines <3

Bell / Bell Hypoallergenic

Time to talk about make-up! If you want to give Polish make-up products a try and you’re on a budget, go to any drugstore or Biedronka supermarket and look for Bell or Bell Hypoallergenic stand. I wouldn’t call this brand my favourite but they do have some truly amazing products and their prices are ridiculously low. Incredible availability is also something to be considered ;)


Okay, this one is a tad more difficult to find but I HAD to include them. As far as I know, Organique products are sold only in their beautiful, fragrant boutiques. There are 52 of them in Poland so if you’re visiting a bigger city there is a good chance  you will be able to find it!

There are two reasons I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t include Organique in this article. First one is just quality of their cosmetics. Simple as that: I don’t think I ever tried a product that I didn't like! For full clarity, I haven’t had the chance to try their haircare yet... But as for face and body products: rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Second reason for my strong-ass recommendation is the fact that shopping in Organique store is an experience. These places are beautiful, smelling of a thousand and one mesmerizing fragrances, overflowing with products ready to be tried before purchase and decorated with small rustic basins to rinse all the butters, peelings, foams etc. off your hands ;) I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


Just like Organique, Inglot has their own stores in whole Poland. From what we hear here, it’s the most „global” Polish brand so you might have seen it outside of Poland and maybe didn't even know it’s Polish!

Still, there is plenty of INGLOT showrooms in Poland where you can touch each and every product freely: all the purchasable items are kept elsewhere, safe from being spoiled by the customers. One of the most amazing products they offer is the Inglot Freedom System: kind of like famous Z Palettes but made of durable materials: lighweight and amazing-looking bamboo included! Fill the Inglot Freedom palette with products of your liking and enjoy the efficiency and order <3

Polish cosmetics from Drogerie Natura

There are two main brands that you should at least try buying in Natura: Kobo Professional make-up and Orientana skincare products!

I personally own plenty of Kobo cosmetics and many, many more have been recommended to me a gazillion times. If you’re interested in custom made eye shadow palettes, buy their 4-slot packaging and pick four shades from their Mono or Fashion eye shadow collection.

Orientana is a Polish brand of mostly skincare products inspired by Asian herbs and other ingredients (snail filtrate included). They’re available in over 400 shops in Poland with 82 Naturas among them. They have something for everybody and considering the quality, the prices are incredible. You have to check them out.

Polish beauty products from Hebe

When I think „Hebe” I immediately think „Nacomi” as well. It’s one of my favourite skincare brands in Poland! It also has two sister brands (Biolove and Bioamare) and they all have one thing in common: affordable natural products of amazing quality. I always keep their algae masks in my stash and I seriously advise trying them out :)

If you are more interested in professional skincare and dermocosmetics, Hebe offers quite a wide range of Bandi products that are beloved in Poland. And when it comes to make-up, most Hebes have a stand full of Hean products. Hean is a mother brand of Kobo that I like a bit less than the latter but it’s still definitely worth noting!

What you should buy in a Polish Rossmann

Arguably most popular drugstore chain in Poland surprisingly offers the smallest number of exclusively sold Polish brands. Rossmanns still have a lot going for them: the stores are virtually everywhere, usually big and full with a variety of products but I myself was suprised how hard it was for me to come up with something that could be my reason for shopping exactly there (and that is also made in Poland).

Polish girls are crazy about Miya Wonderbalms. I personally haven’t tried them yet but the amount of reviews published not a long time ago is hysterical. So don’t miss out and give them a try! :D Also, if you’re a mum that happens to be into natural cosmetics, MomMe products (sold in some of the Rossmanns) are something you should totally check out.

Unfortunately Polish make-up in Rossmann is not as easy of a recommendation as in other cases... Basically every Rossmann has a Wibo and/or Lovely stand (again, two sister brands) and some of their products are Holy Grails of mine or of countless Polish ladies BUT at the same time, they sometimes launch stuff that flops so spectacularly that it’s a tad risky to mention those brands in this article, where I gathered brands I consider the very best of the best. On the other hand, Wibo/Lovely products' prices are absolutely i-n-s-a-n-e, so the possible disappointment will cost you next to nothing.


All right, so here we are. As I said earlier, I decided to stick with brands that not only sell online but also in regular stores: I imagine that this sort of the articles will be mostly read by tourists and not necessarily by longer-staying residents from abroad... or will it?

I have a long list of my favourite brands that are easily accessible only via the internet, created with the help of my incredible Facebook fans and I'm dying to share it with you! So if you liked this article and found it useful, consider giving it a like here (or sharing with someone who doesn't give Polish beauty market enough love!) and let me know if you're interested in more posts on the topic :)

Have an amazing time in Poland, cheers!


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  1. Bardzo przydatny wpis :)
    Nacomi, Biolove i Bioamare mają jeszcze jedną siostrę - Botame ;)

  2. Że też na to nie wpadłam :) super post! Na pewno wielu się przyda :D

  3. https://www.rossmann.pl/Produkt/AA-Oxygen-Infusion-tlenowy-krem-na-dzien-60-50-ml,426677,7104
    Aniu co da stosowanie tego kremu?

    1. Ale co masz na myśli? Czy faktycznie "dotleni" skórę? ;D Nie miałam tego kremu i nie brałam udziału w badaniach przeprowadzonych przez producenta, więc tylko pewne kwestie mogę zweryfikować pod kątem składu :)

    2. Chciałam się dowiedzieć co dadzą skórze 35 letniej te składniki.

    3. Wysoko w składzie jest duuużo fajnych humektantów, więc przede wszystkich liczyłabym na dobre nawilżenie i lekkie uelastycznienie suchej skóry :) Gdzieś w połowie składu są też peptydy na zmarszczki mimiczne, więc można też oczekiwać subtelnej prewencji pogłębiania się tych właśnie zmarszczek - ale po samym składzie nikt nie da sobie za to ręki uciąć :)

  4. Chciałabym prosić Cię o rade. Moja mama ma 55lat. Nigdy szczególnie niestety nie dbała o cerę. Używała głównie kremów nawilzajacych. Teraz zauważyłam że skóra jej dość mocno zwiotczala, pojawiły się dodatkowo naczynka na policzkach a owal twarzy powoli ginie. Ma takie chomicze policzki i wygląda to tak jakby miała za dużo skóry na twarzy. Co byś poleciała żeby choć trochę ta sytuację poprawić? Jest w ogóle na to szansa? Cerę ma mieszana z rozszerzonym naczynkami.

    1. Większość tego, co opisujesz odpowiada tematowi migracji twarzy i to jest rzecz, której bardzo ciężko zaradzić/pomóc bez medycyny estetycznej. Kremami w ogóle się nic tu nie zdziała, a masaże mogą spowolnić proces albo troszkę go odwrócić, ale raczej nie liczyłabym tu na fajerwerki... Chociaż oczywiście każdy przypadek trzeba rozpatrywać osobno, niektórzy na masaże reagują w porównaniu z resztą spektakularnie.

      Polecam te masaże:

      Natomiast jeśli chodzi o zwiotczenie skóry i naczynka, to oczywiście tu pielęgnacją można faktycznie konkretnie podziałać. Ze względu na naczynka odradzałabym tu najskuteczniejsze, ale za to najbardziej agresywne składniki jak retinoidy (w tym retinol), a skupiłabym się na peptydach pogrubiających cerę - te składniki są doskonale delikatne :)

      O peptydach pisałam tutaj: http://www.kosmeologika.pl/search/label/peptydy

      Z kolei ze względu na same naczynka trzeba prowadzić pielęgnację jak najdelikatniejszą, a dodatkowo w miarę możliwości wprowadzić kosmetyki ze składnikami uszczelniającymi naczynia krwionośne. W kwestii podstaw pielęgnacji polecam naczynkową serię Vianka (fioletową) - micel/tonik 2 w 1, enzymatyczny żel do mycia :) A z takich mocniejszych działań to koniecznie witamina C, świetnie powinno się sprawdzić Dr Medica NACZYNKA Dermatologiczne serum zmniejszające widoczność naczynek HIPOALERGICZNE dzień/noc!

  5. Fajny pomysł na wpis. A co jeszcze lepsze często sięgam po rodzime marki, bo je lubię :D

  6. Hej Aniu,
    Chciałam się ciebie poradzić. Czy możesz polecić ze sklepów typu e-naturalnie, biochemia urody serum, które:
    a) będzie nawilżające dla skóry po zimie
    b) nada się do nałożenia równiez solo na powieki, pownieważ mam duży problem z kremami w tym miejscu
    c) nie będzie miało jakiegoś dziwnego zapachu (a najlepiej żeby w ogóle nie miało)
    Przepraszam za tyle pytań :D

  7. Bardzo przydatny wpis dla osób, które odwiedzają Polskę! Ja lubię przywozić z zagranicznych wyjazdów kosmetyki właśnie i zawsze szukam informacji w Internecie ;) Polskie kosmetyki kocham, to i kocham tego kto je poleca <3

  8. Hey Ania, Thankyou for this information, its very useful :)
    I am looking for a cream that is efficient in removing dark spots and blemishes on the face
    Also if you would suggest some shampoo and conditioner preferabe for coloured and dry hair that would be great
    My mail id : sakshi.hasija24@gmail.com in case you are able to see this comment.
    Many thanks :)


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